How the love of a Barbarian Princess for a renegade knight changed the history of the world!

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The Book That's Making Headlines!

This non stop action historical novel which is based on true events and personalities is the story of the tumultuous search for the holiest object in Christendom: the True Cross.  You will witness how a lusty impoverished Spanish knight teams up with the last Templar knight to carry out an impossible mission to penetrate the hostile lands of the Ottomans in the Balkans to recover the miraculous cross that was used to crucify Jesus.

You will observe the treachery, murder, extreme cold and hungry wolves as you make your way, along with the band of desperate knights, to the besieged city of Constantinople to search for an object which had been lost for hundreds of years.

You will see how the courageous Knight meets and falls in love with the beloved sister of the Sultan who is trying to kill him and massacre the inhabitants of Constantinople. You will feel the steaming passionate affair that develops between mortal enemies: the virgin princess and the lusty knight and how it unfolds into one of the most sinister episodes of humanity.

You will feel like an eyewitness the greatest slaughter of the Millennium and the sensational escape of our hero from the jaws of torture and death only to be captured by a band of roaming Gypsies, become a slave and lose his mind.  Finally, you will marvel at the triumph of love over madness and an ending that you had never anticipated.

The book is based on true events and the poetical journal of a princess who fell in love with a Christian knight.

It contains erotic poetry that she never expected to be read by others!


..."The winter of 1451 was one of the coldest in Europe.  The continent was still in the clutches of a mini Ice-age that had lasted for nearly a century and had wreaked famine, disease and the dreaded Black Death in its path.  It had also brought in hungry invaders and marauders from central Asia in search of food and warmth.  These ravenous intruders followed the same path of their great ancestors, the Mongolian hordes of Genghis Khan who had ravaged Russia and the Middle East two centuries earlier, except this time around they cast their eyes further into conquering the whole of Europe.  The mightiest of those invading tribes were the brutal Ottomans who by mid 15th century had conquered all of Asia Minor, parts of the Middle East and most of the Balkans."

..."Rodrigo was not afraid of blood and he knew what a monster Renaldo had turned out to be, but Renaldo was defenseless now.  Rodrigo closed his eyes, took a deep breath and pushed the stiletto in deep inside Renaldo’s belly.  Renaldo screamed in agony.  Rodrigo twisted the blade and cut a ten inch semi-circle all the way to the left side of Renaldo’s navel."

..."Alexandra had been dressed in a long lace robe.  Her red hair was combed neatly and her eyebrows, lips and cheeks were carefully made up by slaves who were assigned to prepare her for the ceremony.  They had painted her fingernails and even her toes. She stood barefoot in the middle of the great hall staring into nothingness.  The music had stopped.  Rodrigo addressed his guests, “This trophy is the chaste wife of the late Duke Loukas Notaras who dared to defy our Sultan.  The Sultan has been gracious enough to give her to me as a slave.  She has not been touched by anyone and knowing how the Duke was more interested in politics and intrigue than women, she probably has not had a man for many years.  I am aware that you all want her, so we will have a drawing to be fair to everyone.  I also know that not all of you are interested in women but if you are interested to possess this Greek goddess, please deposit your dagger in the basket that my servant is passing around."