The Princess and the Viking Girl

She is tall and handsome
I am shorter and pretty
She fair and stunning
I am dark and feminine
We are standing in her dark bedroom
We are wary of outsiders
I only met her a month ago
I was innocent and unspoiled
I had never been with a man or a woman
I felt strange, in my groins, when our eyes met
I fell for her; head over heels
I gave myself to her freely even though I knew it was a sin
She hugs me and kisses me on my lips
I can feel the fresh scent of the North on her breath
I open my mouth and swallow her tongue
She is devouring my mouth
I whisper; I love you
She just holds me tighter
After a long moment, she lets go
She steps back
She unbuttons her shirt and it falls to the floor
My eager eyes feast on her strong muscles
Her breast are firm upturned and soooo muscular
She is the most magnificent creature on Earth
With a smile, she slides her pants down
She is naked as Eve
I spy her magnificent red bush
Bulging proudly
Covering her intimate being
I am dying to touch her
She steps forward to undress me
First my tunic and then my pants
My breasts are but small
It embarrasses me
But, I am younger that she is
Firm and dark and sensuous
My essence is female
Only yesterday, it seems, she seduced me
I want her so badly
I look at the bed
It is her marriage bed
She is married to my brother
He makes passionate love to her
Yet I love her so
Do you love me? I plead with her
She smirks and kisses me again on the lips
She knows I cannot resist her
She knows all my weak points
I was an easy conquest
She rubs her lips against my nipples
Oh my God! The feeling of her teeth on my bare nipples!
I am going to swoon with pleasure
She picks me up
She is strong
She carries me to the bed
She lays down next to me
I caress her sumptuous body
My hands are trembling with excitement
I whimper something
She guides my hand between her strong legs
I feel the heat of her womanhood
I love this woman
I caress her burning parts while she is touching me all over
I love to run my fingers through her fire red pubic hair
They are curly and twisted and snag around my fingers
Soon, I feel the dampness of her being
Shiny droplets of liquid are oozing from the center
I am dying to kiss it
I am still shy
I want her to ask me first
Maybe next time
She is breathing heavily
My hand is getting wet
I know it is time
She lies on her back
She pulls me on top of her
I bury my face into the red bush
I take a deep breath
My tongue finds her opening
I lick the flesh of my goddess
I enter her with my tongue
She moans crazily
Her legs wrap around me
My face is locked deep inside her
Her pelvis is riding the bed
Her buttocks lift me up and down
The bed joins in our pleasure
She has one final spasm
She passes out
My face still locked inside her thighs
She is awake
She smiles at me generously
Your turn now, she says
Without a word, she lifts me up
I am on my back and she is on top
She is strong
She can do what she wants with me
This Nordic princess
She devours my body
She kisses my virgin opening with care
Don’t worry she says
I won’t push my tongue
You will still be a virgin
She laughs loudly
She is a cruel lover
She is teasing me
She licks
My body is on fire
I coo amorously
She groans with pleasure
I push my groins into her face as hard as I can
She lifts my buttocks up with her strong hands
I am suspended in midair
The bed creaks again as we consummate our love
I explode into her mouth and the towel beneath us
I drench the towel
My love tunnel contracts and expands
She screams with ecstasy
I am in seventh heaven
I enjoy her slow rhythm
I am whimper adoringly
The rapture is too much
I swoon and collapse onto the bed
She falls down on top of me
I come to and hear her whisper into my ear
I love you
That is what I have been waiting for
I fall into a deep slumber and dream
I am lucky; I have my woman on top of me
Even though she is married to a man